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COVID-19 Prevention Measures

COVID-19 Physical Distancing policy:
Mobile sales staff refer to policy for van sanitizing and in-home protocols.
Flooring appointments in showroom:
  1.  Customers are asked to wash their hands upon entry to the showroom
  2.  Customers and consultant stand 6 feet apart while viewing and discussing samples
  3.  All pulled samples wiped with disinfectant after being pulled and put away clean
  4.  No customers should put samples back
  5.  Prefer that sales staff pull samples rather than customers
In home appointments:
  1.  Consultant to wash hands upon entry to the home
  2.  Stand 6 feet from homeowner during all conversations
  3.  When finished, all samples wiped with disinfectant outside and put away in the van clean
  4.  Van maintained as a “clean” sample space
  5.  Refer to previous policy regarding in home procedures
Installations/Production crews:
  1.  Installers and helpers do not work sick
  2.  All crews wash their hands upon entry to a home except homes where bathrooms and water is not accessible (ie. New construction projects, basements where installers do not go upstairs.)
  3.  All installers avoid any area of home that is occupied
  4.  No homeowners may be present in any room being installed
  5.  Always maintain 6-foot distance between installer and any residents as well as among members of your crew.
  6.  Disinfect tool handles, steering wheels and commonly touched surfaces daily. 
  7.  Carry hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or something to disinfect hands and common surfaces
  8.  When picking up checks, stay 6 feet from any staff. (Contact Karyn regarding opons to avoid picking up your check if this will be a hardship)
Office Staff:
  1.  Work in individual offices that are more than 6 feet apart.
  2.  Remain 6 feet apart in all common areas, ie conference room, kitchen etc
  3.  Remain 6 feet apart when collaborating in an office
  4.  Sanitize your workspace at the end of the day, including phone, keyboard, mouse and desk surfaces
  5.  Doorknobs and common surfaces will be disinfected daily by office staff.