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What is crush resistance in carpet?

Many protections are available for your carpet in Wheat Ridge, CO, to keep them looking and performing their best for the entirety of their lifespan. These can come from various benefits, whether built-in or added, and the more you know about their availability, the better choices you can make when you shop.

Crush resistance made simple

When you hear about crush resistance, your flooring is less likely to become matted under constant foot traffic and child's play. But, again, nylon is a reasonable choice for this need in light to medium-traffic homes because the fiber is more resilient.

Resilience allows the carpet fibers to "bounce back" to their original shape and twist without losing the form, even over time. However, a better choice is a product that offers added protection built into the fibers for outstanding protection against your active lifestyle.

Remember that carpeting is available in various qualities, with lifespans from three to twenty years. Your choices to protect those surfaces can help them reach their intended lifespan easily.

Extended protections and benefits

You can add even more protection against crushing with area rugs or runners added in areas where carpet experiences higher traffic and activity levels. These help absorb the shock of movement and friction, so your carpeting looks better for longer.

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