Unlocking the Mysteries of Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Simply Floors Inc

Unlocking the Mysteries of Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Simply Floors Inc

At Simply Floors Inc, with our well-established showrooms nestled in the heart of Wheat Ridge and Centennial, CO, we pride ourselves in offering products that combine beauty, durability, and innovation. One such product that stands at the pinnacle of modern flooring solutions is luxury vinyl flooring. In this piece, we take a closer look at the complex composition of luxury vinyl flooring, helping you appreciate the finesse and technology that goes into every plank and tile available at our stores.

Layer by Layer: The Anatomy of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an exquisite yet robust flooring solution that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. But what makes it a preferred choice for many homeowners? Let's delve deeper into its composition:

1. The backing layer

The backbone of luxury vinyl flooring is its backing layer, providing structural stability and forming the base upon which other layers rest. At Simply Floors Inc, our selection boasts flooring with sturdy backing layers that ensure a solid foundation for your floors.

2. The core layer

The core layer, often made from robust materials like Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) or Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), brings remarkable durability to luxury vinyl flooring. It's responsible for the floor's resilience, making it resistant to dents and scratches, thus promising a long-lasting installation.

3. The print layer

A testament to modern printing technology, the print layer is where luxury vinyl flooring gets its visual appeal from. With high-definition printing techniques, this layer showcases intricate patterns and realistic textures, mimicking natural materials like wood and stone to perfection.

4. The wear layer

The wear layer is the unsung hero of luxury vinyl flooring, offering protection against the daily wear and tear, spills, and stains. It's a transparent layer that safeguards the beauty of the print layer, making maintenance a breeze.

5. The topcoat

To complete the composition, a topcoat is applied to add a finishing touch, enhancing the floor's resistance to scratches and offering a beautiful sheen that amplifies the aesthetics of your space.

Experience the Quality Firsthand at Simply Floors Inc

We invite you to experience the unparalleled beauty and durability of luxury vinyl flooring firsthand at our showrooms in Wheat Ridge and Centennial, CO. At Simply Floors Inc, our experts are ready to guide you through the intricacies of luxury vinyl flooring, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your style and needs. Visit us today, and step into a world of elegant, enduring, and innovative flooring solutions.