Luxury vinyl flooring in Wheat Ridge, CO from Simply Floors, Inc.

Three tips for maintaining your luxury vinyl flooring

Once your new luxury vinyl flooring is in place, you'll want to protect it from traffic, damage, and other factors that could weaken its lifespan. One of the best ways to maintain these surfaces is to ensure they're cleaned as often as possible and with proper cleaners and tools.

Choosing the proper cleaning solutions

The best cleaning solutions should be manufacturer-approved and can include a variety of commercial products. You can also clean luxury vinyl flooring with a simple soap and water solution; some homeowners use vinegar along with their cleaning regimen.

When cleaning luxury vinyl floors, if you?re ever in doubt about which solutions are best for your specific flooring type, feel free to contact us for more information. When in doubt, it?s always best to ask a professional to ensure the integrity of your flooring.

Choosing the proper cleaning tools

Use the right cleaning tools and cleaners to ensure your floors are not scratched or damaged. Pick products that aren't scratchy, and always refrain from using steam cleaners.

You?ll find complete waterproof protection when you choose luxury vinyl flooring in Centennial, CO, and Wheat Ridge, CO, but the pressure can force water into areas it can't usually reach. The heat can also damage the flooring, causing warping and buckling.

The perfect flooring here in our showroom

When you visit Simply Floors Inc., you'll find our associates are dedicated to your complete remodeling success, however large or small. We work with you to choose the perfect materials, install them, and maintain them once they're in place in your home.

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