Is it okay to steam-clean hardwood flooring?

Is it okay to steam-clean hardwood flooring?

When you install new hardwood flooring, cleaning and maintenance are a significant part of the upkeep to help the flooring reach its intended lifespan potential. Many homeowners want to know if steam cleaning is a reasonable way to care for wood floors, and here's what we have to say about the process.

We do not recommend steam cleaning hardwood floors

Some hardwood offers more protection against moisture and humidity than others, but the installation starts with the acclimation process to ensure moisture isn?t an issue. Steam cleaning not only introduces extensive amounts of water to the surface of the hardwood floors, but it goes a step further in adding excessive heat and pressure.

Manufacturer's warranties do not cover damages after steam cleaning, as most warn against this maintenance method. But what can you do instead?

Acceptable cleaning methods

The first step is to sweep up loose debris to avoid scratching the surface, then follow with a dust or damp mop for dust and tiny particles. Your manufacturer likely suggests specific products that are perfect for the product you purchased, but you can also call us for suggestions on how to best clean hardwood flooring when necessary.

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