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Here?s what to know about wall-to-wall carpet

Did you know that wall-to-wall carpet is especially effective in blocking drafts and providing temperature insulation? That's because the entire floor is covered, with the soft surface fitting tightly against the wall.

So, when the heat rises, there's just no bare floor for the cold air to rush onto. That's excellent news for Colorado residents, where temperatures can get chilly.

So many variations

The mills constantly develop larger color palettes and digital patterning thanks to technology. In addition, there are pet-friendly warranties and hypoallergenic and sustainable versions.

There's a carpet style and design for every decor from the most traditional?and on. So, for example, in our carpet store, you'll see beauties like Bombay by Dixie Home or Alice Springs by Godfrey Hirst.

It quiets the space

Carpets provide cushioning to reduce noise from footsteps, muffled conversations, beeping devices, and more. That's a tremendous advantage for infants, young children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours in their homes.

Carpets improve indoor air quality

That's because carpet acts as an air filter. Vacuuming is excellent, and we encourage it to be done frequently?but it only picks up surface dirt.

Pollutants and other substances remain trapped in the fibers of your carpet, where they'll stay until the rug is deep-cleaned.

That takes the pollutants out of the breathing zone. Because of this, carpeting has also been scientifically proven not to exacerbate allergies or asthma.

Safety from hard falls

Carpets have good traction. If anyone falls, it's easier on a cushioned surface than a hard one.??

That?s especially important if you have senior residents or others prone to falling in your household.

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