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Hardwood flooring species comparison

When you choose hardwood flooring, you should know that species selection is one of the most important decisions you?ll make. The species is responsible for many benefits that will serve you differently.

The harder the species, the more durable the materials, but softer options are best reserved for low-traffic spaces. Here are some facts about the most common hardwood flooring species and how they could serve your needs best.

Oak hardwood

Oak is the most common hardwood species, with strong graining and beautiful colors from stain applications. It's durable and does a great job hiding wood flooring stains, scratches, and debris.

Maple hardwood

With maple, you'll get a natural cream color that can appear yellow, in particular natural light. So, if whitewashed visuals are your plan, this is one of the best species for your desired results.

Walnut hardwood

Walnut isn?t one of the hardest woods, but its chocolate color is perfect for adding a touch of class, warmth, and sophistication. Unfortunately, the color dims over time, so area rugs may be necessary for desired results.

If you have more questions about hardwood flooring and the species they offer, you're welcome to spend some time at our showroom. We'll be happy to give you the information you want and need, so stop by whenever it's convenient.

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